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Marine Life

Marine Life in the Andaman Sea

  • Manta Rays in Thailand

    Manta Ray – Marine Life in Thailand

    Manta Rays are one of the most popular fish that divers wish to see when they come to Thailand. Not only can they grow to huge proportions, they are also none aggressive and can be quite inquisitive too. Manta Rays […]

  • Leopard Shark

    Leopard Shark – Marine Life in Thailand

    Leopard sharks are also referred to as Zebra sharks, this name comes from the younger species as they are striped like a zebra, and not until they grow do they start to form the stripes on their bodies that look […]

  • Cuttle Fish

    Cuttlefish – Marine Life in Thailand

    Cuttlefish are one of the most intelligent, interesting and intriguing creatures on the reef is the Cuttlefish. The Cuttlefish is not a fish at all really; it is classed as cephalopod, other members of the Mollusk family are the Octopus, […]