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Western Rocky – Diving Myanmar

Western Rocky - Diving Myanmar
Western Rocky Islands, Myanmar

Western Rocky is one of the finest dive sites for all who go Diving Myanmar and the whole Andaman Sea, some even compare it to Richelieu Rock, the best Thai dive site, and such is its regard.

Western Rocky is situated approximately 500 m south of the main island. The starting depth for this dive site is a little deep at 12 metres. The dive site is made up of a large pinnacle that spawns several smaller finger-shaped reefs stretching down to over 40 metres.

Western Rocky offers you irresistible high-quality pinnacle, wall diving and reef diving and there is even a very exciting channel right through the centre of the island. Western Rocky has another 2 smaller islets to the east which can actually be reached from the main island or dived as a separately.

On top of the pinnacle there are many soft purple corals, it is quite a site to see. Slowly descending to the deeper parts of the reef you should search all the cracks and crevices of the rock formations, it teems with macro life, it’s great for the macro hunter.

There are several types of Moray Eel lurking in this area, such as Giant, Yellow Edged, White-eyed and if you are really lucky Honeycomb Moray Eel may make an appearance.

Also you can find some small lobsters and crabs nestled into the side of the rock, also Nudibranch can be found as well as Feather Stars, Harlequin Shrimp, Frog fish and sea horses are also in residence here, you just have to find them.

Ghost Pipe Fish found while Diving Myanmar at Western Rocky
Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish in Myanmar

There is a small group of Resident Black Tip Reef Sharks on guard here and you may even see White Tip Ref Sharks, however they will be further towards the bottom, so if the Vis is good you can see them. Also here is a favourite hangout of the rare Shovel-nose Ray or Guitar Shark -as it is also called.

Looking out into the deep wide blue, keep your eyes peeled for more action with a crack team of Barracudas appearing from the depths in search of lunch, also Trevallies, Tunas and other Jacks love to hunt in the currents, there is some great predatory action to get the heart pumping.

The south side of Western Rocky is a fantastic wall dive with huge giant Gorgonian Sea Fans, clambering Feather Stars and beautiful corals growing from the wall.

There are 4 smaller sea mounts rising to the east of the main site and are well worth a dive on their own, you can really spend all day here.

Other species that call Western Rocky home are Squid and Cuttlefish are very common here. There are several species of scorpion fish like the Raggy and Bearded scorpion fish are scattered over the reef waiting for a bite to eat, so be careful where you stick your fingers.

There are currents here and at times can be a little strong, however, that said, when conditions are favourable it is possible to swim the entire way around this site as there are several places to take refuge.

It’s a wonderful dive site and of course you never really know who or what will turn up, Whale sharks and Manta Rays have been known to make spontaneous appearances, so don’t forget your camera.