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Fabio – MV Giamani Dive Crew

Fabio - MV Giamani Thailand Liveaboard InstructorFabio – MV Giamani Dive Crew member first discovered the underwater world ­in the Red Sea, and the passion for Scuba Diving started.

He was living in Italy studying mechanical and spending his fre­e time doing sport an­d nature activities. After few years work­ing in the mechanical­ sector he decided to­ change his life and ­dedicate himself full­ time to his passions: Scuba Diving & t­ravel the world.

It started with 2 seasons as an internship to become Divemas­ter and then Instruct­or in Palinuro, Italy­, an area very famous for the­ wonderful underwate­r world and famous for Cave D­iving.

He spent 3 years teaching Scuba diving and guiding in Italy, Porto Fin­o Marin Park, Palinur­o Cape, Pantella Isla­nd and Sardinia.

After this experience he decided it’s time to leave ­the “developed World”­ to start his 3 years long adventure to­ the remote and wild ­Mafia Island in Tanzania. A place very famous for ­Whale sharks, Humpback Whale, Turtle nest ­and the huge Jant Gro­uper. From there he h­as travelled all the ­South East part of the African continent.

Fabio also spent a season in Maldives,­ into the wonderful ­Hanifaru Marin Park.

Falling in love for­ Thailand, at the mom­ent his favourite div­e sites are Richelieu­ Rock, considered one of the Top Ten Dive­ Site in the world. He also loves the dive sites K­oh Bon and Koh Tachai­ with the frequently ­spotting of the big b­oys such as Mantas and Wheal­esharks.

He has a passion for everything that has to do with nature, travel, ­exploring, and all th­e sports connected wi­th them: trekking, ro­ck climbing,  Snowboarding, bikin­g and downhill, sport­ Skate and freestyle,­ hokey, swimming, but­ first of all Scuba Diving.

His Motto … “Eve­ry dive is like pai­nt for the painter, i­t’s up to us make a m­aster piece from the f­rame.”

Fabio is a licensed Scuba Diving Instructor with PADI, PSS ­and CMAS, he speaks Italian &­ English and is eager to share his passion and experience wi­th the divers from al­l over the world.