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Scuba Gear

All about Scuba Gear and recommendations for what type of gear to use while scuba diving here in Phuket, Thailand.

  • Scuba Diving Wetsuits

    Scuba Diving Wetsuits

    Scuba Diving Wetsuits – A diving wetsuit is what we wear when we go into the water and they can be used for water skiing, kayaking, surfing and all manner of water sports as well as while scuba diving- a wetsuit […]

  • Scuba Diving Knife

    Scuba Diving Knife

    Scuba Diving Knife – The Scuba Diving Knife is rather a hot topic, with there being so many different types on the market, which one is right for you to choose. Do you really need a scuba diving knife at […]

  • Scuba Diving Mask

    Scuba Diving Mask

    Scuba Diving Mask – With so many scuba diving and snorkeling masks on the market, it is not an easy choice to make, when it comes to buying either or both of these much needed pieces of scuba equipment for seeing […]

  • Scuba Diving Watches

    Scuba Diving Watches

    Scuba Diving Watches – Since the advent of the dive computer dive watches have slowly but surely ben disappearing from scuba divers wrists’. Although many dive computers can also been used as a watch – mainly in digital format- very […]

  • Aqualung Dive Computer i300

    Dive Computers

    Dive Computers take the stress out of scuba diving. Their ability to measure bottom time, adjusted bottom, depth and time, have helped scuba diving to become the safe sport it is today. Diving is one of the safest activities to […]

  • Scuba Regulator

    Scuba Regulator

    Scuba Regulator –  The scuba diving regulator is singularly the most important piece of diving equipment you need, diving is impossible without some form of breathing device. The sheer amount of regulators on the market today is immense and can […]

  • BDC Diving Gear

    BCD – Buoyancy Control Devices

    BCD is another piece of Scuba Gear that would be very uncomfortable to dive without, possible yes, but very awkward nevertheless. The Diving BCD, along with the scuba diving regulator are the two most expensive pieces of scuba diving gear you will […]

  • Scuba Gear Quick Guide

    Scuba Gear Quick Guide

    Scuba Gear is absolutely necessary to be able to dive, you will at least NEED: Mask – To be able to see. Scuba Regulator – To be able to breathe. BCD – To control your buoyancy. Fins – To propel yourself. […]