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Diving Koh Phi Phi Islands – Koh Bida Nai

Diving Koh Phi Phi Islands - Koh Bida Nai
Koh Bida Nai & Koh Bida Nok

Diving Koh Phi Phi Islands – Koh Bida Nai is Koh Bida Nok’s Sister Island and they lay about 150 meters apart from each other with Bida Nai being to the north. To choose which the best dive site from these two is not easy and has to go down to any particular day. One day it’s Bida Nok the next its Nai taking the honours, both these sites will take your breath away.

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  • Max depth: 30 meters
  • Level of difficulty: Open water upwards.
  • Visibility: 15 Meters
  • Current: none to strong
  • Recommended Season: All year round is possible
  • Highly recommended when Diving Phi Phi!


Bida Nai has a small bay where the boat drops divers, and as they descend there are two directions to turn. If south is chosen, then a quick swim over the sandy bottom and you will arrive at Fantasy Reef. No doubt, before even arriving here, you will have spotted several leopard Sharks, Trevally’s and Stingrays.

Fantasy reef, starts at around 18 meters and drops to about 27 meters, the visibility can sometimes drop to about 10 meters depending on the conditions. There are some huge boulders making up this lively little reef, in between each bolder there are huge Sea Fans and Whip Corals harbouring all sorts of little macro critters.

Above the reef circling is the resident school of Yellow Tail Barracuda. Best to keep your eyes on this lot, they are never still and when they spot something tasty to eat, watch them move, in the blink of an eye.

Coming back towards the main part of the Island you will find some very lovely little swim throughs. It is normal here to get lost in the amount of fish that this site teems with. As you get closer to the shallows again, Black Tips can be seen darting around, don’t blink or they will be gone too.

If you choose to do the other side, the north side of the island, then even more adventure awaits the diver. This side offers some spectacular wall and shallow cavern diving. Leopards Sharks have been observed mating in this area, best to give them a little respectful distance.

Head further round, and you will find some large submerged boulders teeming with life. As you venture further round you will find fantastic wall diving and then reef starts to slope off as you reach the back of the Island.

There are some of the biggest barrel sponges, and possibly hiding out in these purple sponges are Scorpion Fish, so it wise to be careful where one puts ones’ hands.

Other marine life here includes; Leopard sharks, Black Tip Reef Sharks, Yellow Tail Barracuda, Jacks, Tuna, Mackerel feeding on the masses of glass fish, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Seahorses, Ghost Pipe Fish, and hiding on the sand blue spotted stingrays.

Special features: great wall diving with many boulders to explore and swim-throughs to test your buoyancy.

Quick tip on the east side you will find many stag horn coral follow outward where you will find three large boulders with a Variety of reef fish  and great chance to see Leopard sharks.

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