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Selected Thailand Liveaboards

Thailand Liveaboards – The number of Liveaboard boats operating has increased massively to the point at which the array of choice of price range, comfort class, boat size, diver numbers and trip lengths has become confusing and overwhelming.

Here we have put together a small selection of liveaboard boats for you including our MV Giamani, which we successfully operate since many years.

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Popular Liveaboards in Thailand

  • MV Giamani – 泰国船宿潜水

    MV Giamani

    只乘载十位游客!Colona Liveaboards 潜水游轮 MV Giamani 顶级的服务与设施,加上经验丰富,专业友善的潜水指导员,将会让您在美丽的海底世界拥有一次难以忘怀的船宿潜水之旅。

  • MV Pawara
    每天 6,425 泰铢起

    MV Pawara

    MV Pawara,是一首依现代标准建设的泰式潜船,是非常有味道的中高档次潜水船 […]