MV Giamani Technical Diving

Tech Diving Liveaboard MV Giamani

Tech Divers on Tec Diving Liveaboard MV Giamani
Tec Divers ready for diving

Tech Diving Liveaboard MV Giamani – During MV Giamani’s Similan Islands season our main focus is on recreational divers, simply because the majority of our customers are recreational divers. However we are very much willing and able to accommodate the needs of technical divers during these trips.

  • Rebreather SCR & CCR
  • Twin Set ups
  • Side mount

MV Giamani’s  dive deck was originally designed for 22 divers to have ample room. We take now a maximum of 12 (including dive staff) so there are acres of space for each diver, meaning that if you need a twin set and a drop tank or a re-breather unit and a bail-out tank there is plenty of room on the tank racks for you ad  your equipment. Our new wider rear platform gives you plenty of space to organise your Tech equipment for entry and makes it very easy, for our staff, to help you exit the water.

For those wishing to use re-breathers (CCR / SCR) we carry plenty of Oxygen on board (100% O2 fills available), normally used for Nitrox blending, and are more than happy to fill your tanks for you. We can also blend Nitrox to your desired mix, between 21% and 40%, if you want to use other blends please let us know and we can arrange to have a number of tanks on board pre-mixed to the required level.

Our boat crew are very experienced at working with technical divers as the boat spends five months every year running technical diving liveaboard trips out of Koh Tao for Tech Thailand. They understand how most of the tech equipment works and also understand the different procedures necessary when diving with technical equipment.

If you require any special equipment please let us know in advance and we can normally arrange to have it available for you to rent. We can also arrange for all the special materials you need such as sorb for a rebreather unit.

In the past years we hosted many groups of technical divers on our recreational trips, including those using twin sets, re-breathers and side-mount systems.

If you wish to join us just get in touch and let us know what you need and we will be happy to arrange your technical diving requirements.

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