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Deep Six – Similan Diving Sites

Gorgonia - Diving Similan & Deep Six
Gorgonia at Deep Six

This Similan diving site is on the north tip of Similan Islands #7, again the name needs explaining. When the Islands were first given numbers islands five and six were considered one island so what is now island seven was island six, Hin Pusar (Elephant Head Rock) was at the time Koh Pusa and numbered as island seven, however a law was introduced in Thailand stating that and island had to have vegetation growing on it, this meant island seven was no longer an island. This caused a problem as Similan (in old Thai/Malay) means nine islands, so they had to find another island hence island five (the centre of which is submerged at high tide) was split into five and six and six was renumbered seven – however it was too late, the dive site had already been named.

The site itself is a pinnacle just a few metres off the northern tip of the island, a small part of the pinnacle breaks the surface, the base of the pinnacle on the northern end is at 30 metres sloping down from 12 metres at the south end. The central part of the dive site a huge boulder with other smaller but still very large boulders on top creating a number of swim throughs. More boulders around the central pinnacle create a series of channels which create homes for various corals (especially Green Tree Coral) and critters (Moray Eels, Lion Fish and Scorpion Fish). It is possible to see White-Tip reef Sharks, Travellies and Tuna coming into the rocks to hunt as they are a magnet to schooling fish.

The current will decide the route you take towards the end of the dive, heading south west you come into a sloping hard coral reef and then onto more boulders as you head onto West of Eden. Heading south east you have a terraced stag horn coral reef leading into a sandy bay. On the reefs you’ll find many small reef fish such as Neons and Chromies and there’s a good chance of finding Peacock Flounder in the sand.

Similan Islands Thailand Diving Sites

Anitas Reef – Similan Diving Sites

Gorgonia Fan at Anitas Reef, a Similan Diving Site
Gorgonia Fan

This Similan Diving Sites is a popular dive spot for Thailand liveaboard cruises. Located on the east side of Similan Island No. 5 & 6 (Koh Ha & Koh Hok), stretching to the southern tip of Island 5.

This reef consists of a gently sloping sandy ridge starting at about 5 metres going to about 30 metres out in the blue. This sandy slope is dotted with coral and rock patches all the way down the eastern side of the dive site, the coral is a mixture of hard and soft varieties with some large sea fans. These coral patches are home to many small reef fish such as Damsels, Anemone fish, Angel and Butterfly fish, these in turn attract large schoals of Gold Stripe Fussilier and Five Line Snapper. Large groups of Forsters Barracuda are often seen here as well as small Tunas and Trevallies. Also look out for Octopus hiding in holes in the coral.

Between the coral patches the bare sandy slope is alive with Garden Eels, also keep an eye out for Bent Stick Pipe Fish and the blue spotted Kuhl’s Stingray in the sand.

Towards the southern end of the dive site is a large coral mound rising from 20 metres up to 12 metres. This pinnacle is covered in life, clouds of fish and loads of macro critters such as Nudibranchs, Durban Dancing Shrimp, Banded Boxer Shrimp and Coral Crabs. Because of this the bommie has been named “Hin Muan Deaw” which translated is “whole roll rock” (as in roll of film – in the old days that’s what we used to take picture, perhaps is should be renamed 16 gigabyte rock!!).

To the south of Hin Muan Deaw the sandy reef finishes in a group of enormous boulders which are home to many types of Moray Eel and Napoleon Wrasse, there is often a turtle or two in this area.