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  • Lion Fish

    Lion Fish

    The Lion fish is without doubt one of the most striking looking fish on any reef, including the reefs in Thailand. As they glide gently about in shallow waters, you would think that butter would not melt in its mouth. […]

  • Bluespotted Stingray swimming into the dark

    Blue Spotted Stingray

    The Blue Spotted Stingray or Kuhl’s stingray as it is also called – depending on where you dive I guess- is a member of the stingray family and the stingray species is also a distant relative of the Shark family, […]

  • Titan Trigger Fish

    Titan Trigger fish

    The Titan Trigger fish is the largest member of the Trigger fish family; they can reach almost a meter in length. This fish is disc shaped and is packed with solid muscle. The Titan usually is seen during the day […]

  • Tiger Tail Sea Horse

    Tiger Tail Sea Horse

    The Tiger Tail Sea Horse is one of the most sort after creatures we have here in Thailand, especially on the boats that dive the Similan Islands and Phi Phi islands. They can be torturous to find, ask any dive guide. […]

  • Sea Turtle blue water

    Hawksbill Turtle – Marine Life in Thailand

    Hawksbill Turtle – Hawksbill’s are the most common species of Turtle we see in Thai waters’, usually spotted on shallow reefs where diving is quite common. They have been giving the name Hawksbill because of its hawk like beak. Hawksbill […]

  • Nudibranch in Similan

    Nudibranch – Marine Life in Thailand

    Nudibranch’s have many other names to differentiate the vast amount of species in this group of fascinating and most colourful little creature on the reef. Varying in size form almost microscopic to as big as a grown man’s fist, Nudibranch’s […]

  • Harlequin Shrimp

    Harlequin Shrimp – Marine Life in Thailand

    Harlequin Shrimp are one of the most sought after Photographic models of the undersea world. Make no mistake; you may have never heard about this little shrimp, but go onto any Thailand liveaboard and you will soon become familiar with the […]

  • Yellow Frogfish

    Frogfish – Marine Life in Thailand

    Frogfish – Anglerfish commonly known globally as a frog fish, the species is also known as the anglerfish in some countries. The frogfish is no relation to the frog at all and is a true fish, although a strange one […]

  • Whale Shark

    Whale Shark – Marine Life in Thailand

    Whale Shark are the most popular fish requested on most scuba divers wish list when they come to Thailand for a liveaboard trip, is to see the huge harmless plankton eating colossus the Whaleshark. You would expect that something so […]

  • can you see it?

    Ghost Pipefish – Marine Life in Thailand

    Ghost Pipefish are masters of disguise, some say that they have the best disguise in the seas, although personally that reputation must surely go to the Mimic Octopus, but that’s another story. Recognized there are five members of the Ghost […]