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SSI Dive Professional – “Wouldn’t be great to have a job … that you enjoyed so much … that you couldn’t believe you got paid to do it?”

Becoming an SSI Dive Professional in Phuket, Thailand can make this a reality. You can actually have a career doing something you enjoy while providing you with the monetary satisfaction you deserve!

While most people focus on getting a “real job,” there are many employment opportunities that do not fit this world. Dive retailers and resorts have immediate openings for a qualified SSI Dive Professional domestically and around the world. The only difference is your primary office is under water “having fun!” This type of work is not always seen as serious employment, so there is a constant shortage of skilled staff. This creates huge career opportunities.

“Go Anywhere … Do Anything … the Opportunities are Limitless!”

If you are looking for a career in scuba diving, becoming an SSI Dive Professional in Phuket, Thailand is the best choice you can make. SSI is the only organization that not only trains you to teach others how to dive, but also teaches you what you need to know to become a key player in the industry.

SSI support you with a job search database, up-to-date training tools available online 24/7, an award winning training and business system, over 40 years in the industry, and so many personalized services it’s unreal. With more than 30 Service Centers represented in more than 110 countries and over 2,500 international locations, as well as materials printed in 30 languages, there is a world of opportunity waiting for you.

SSI Dive Professional Courses

SSI Dive Guide

MV Giamani - Similan Liveaboard Boat
MV Giamani

SSI Dive Professional – Your first Step is the Dive Guide program approaches training using practical application, background information and flexibility. The goal is to create well prepared, versatile and marketable Dive Professional. SSI Dive Guide can lead and guide certified divers. Additionally after passing the Snorkelling Instructor program, a Dive Guide can teach and issue Snorkelling certifications.

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SSI Divemaster

Dive Guide plus the Science of Diving Speciality program equals Divemaster. A Divemaster can perform Try Scuba’s (pool only) and assist SSI Instructors with pool/confined water and open water training under direct supervision.

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SSI Dive Control Specialist – Divecon

You have three options: take Dive Guide, Science of Diving and Dive Control Specialist single or all as one program or enter the program as a Divemaster from any approved dive agency.

As a Divecon you can:

  • Lead and guide certified divers.
  • Assist SSI Instructors in the classroom, pool and open water.
  • Teach skills in the classroom and pool under the indirect supervision on an SSI Instructor (except the emergency skills).
  • Teach the SSI Scuba Skill Update program, the SSI Snorkeling program and the SSI Try Scuba program (pool only).
  • …. and upgrade to a Training Specialist

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SSI Instructor

From the time man had the urge to explore the underwater world, the pleasures were denied to the vast majority until scuba training and equipment were developed in its present form. Now that diving is accessible to anyone, there is a high demand for people who have a passion for diving and want to share the experience with others.

For SSI, the most important step in a SSI Dive Professional career is becoming a person who can train new divers – the SSI Open Water Instructor. The Open Water Instructor´s mission is to inspire and influence beginners to grow in their diving experiences with the goal of making them committed divers.

The goal of the Instructor Training Course (ITC) is to increase your retail business and industry knowledge, expand your teaching skills and add professional presentation/sales experience through modern workshops and practical applications. It is an opportunity to learn how to deliver “The Ultimate Diving Experience”.

Instructor Training Course candidates will be taking a unique SSI Dive Professional program that has stood the test of time. You are accepting a challenge that many capable Dive Professionals before you have accomplished. To stay competitive in today’s diving industry the program has been updated to ensure that all Dive Professionals are equipped with the latest retail business training and industry knowledge.

Being a Dive Control Specialist plus enrolling in the Instructor Training Course which finishes with an Instructor Evaluation equals Open Water Instructor (OWI). As an Open Water Instructor you can teach and issue certifications for Indoor Diver, Scuba Diver, Junior Open Water Diver, Open Water Diver, Advanced Adventurer, Scuba Skills Update, Try Scuba, Try Scuba Diving, Enriched Air Nitrox, and Diver Stress & Rescue.

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