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Shark Point Phuket - Image by Adriano Trapani
Shark Point Phuket

Shark Point Phuket is approximately two hours sail from Chalong Pier and is instantly recognizable by its protruding main pinnacle, which looks like a miniature Lighthouse breaking the water’s surface.

  • Max depth: 28m/93ft
  • Level of difficulty: Open water upwards.
  • Visibility: 5/20m 16/66ft.
  • Current: weak to strong.
  • Special features: Can be strong currents excellent for drift dives. Numerous pinnacles to explore
  • Quick tip: Remember there is more than one pinnacle to explore of this large dive site

The visible part of the Pinnacle itself is quite small; divers are often deceived by the sheer size of the dive site underwater. There are a couple of other pinnacles just below the surface too; these other pinnacles are usually only reachable when the current is not too strong, otherwise it can be tricky to get there.

Shark Point Phuket is famous for its Leopard sharks, sometimes called Zebra Sharks due to their stripy patterns of skin in early life. Leopard Sharks are the most graceful of swimmers you may wish to see.

They have a very distinct tail fin this fin is almost as long as the main part of the fish again. When you approach the Shark, it is possible to get quite close to them, especially if they are sleeping on the bottom.

Move forward with care, you can sometimes get quite close, they will keep their eye on you all the time, do not worry they are not dangerous. If you get too close they will up and swim off.

They are best approached from the front or the side, so that the shark can see you all.  They are not to be approached from above! Get as low as possible, as fishes do not like us divers swimming over the top of them, it shows dominance.

Also you should find splattered about the sea floor several Blue Spotted Stingrays, there is always a few Great Barracuda and if you are really lucky you may see a school of smaller Chevron Barracuda hunt here as well.

There are also many kinds of scorpion fishes like the Bearded and Raggy Scorpion Fish; also I have seen here a Reef Stone Fish walking about the bottom. Lionfish, loads of different and colorful Wrasses and Parrot fish, Undulated, Fimbriated White Eyed and Giant Moray eels can also be found here.

It is a good site to find some Snake Eels and nine times out of ten you can spot Squid, Cuttlefish maybe even a Large Red Octopus, there are some great macro stuff here, like Tiger Tail Seahorses and several species of Pipefish including Jens Cleaner Pipefish and the Harlequin Ghost Pipefish.

The site is only a few minutes away from the King Cruiser and Anemone Reef dive sites, so usually a day dive trip will incorporate one of these sites into the days diving too, as well as Koh Doc Mai.

Suitable for most levels of divers, although the surface can become choppy quite quickly, there can also be some interesting currents at certain times of the year too.
Phuket Shark Point is great for fun diving, it also can be a great place to take a Dive Course too, like the Adventure and Advanced courses. Many dives from the Padi specialties list can be completed here too.

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