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Similan Scuba Diving Site – Shark Fin Reef

Diver & Turtle at Similan Scuba Diving Site Shark Fin Reef
Diver & Turtle at Similans Shark Fin Reef

Similan Scuba Diving Site – Shark Fin Reef is a long granite ridge extending south and east from Similan Island #3 (Koh Payan). This is as close as we get to the Turtle Sanctuary on Islands 1 & 2 (Koh Huyong & Koh Payang). Towards the center of the ridge the rock breaks the surface in a series of peaks looking like a shark – hence the name. In Thai this site is known as “Hin Phae” which means floating rock.

You will normally start the dive on the southern side of the ridge which is a steep slope drop into the sand at about 25 meters, beside the slope are a number of large boulders which provide hiding places for Moray Eels, Lion Fish and Scorpion Fish also the sandy patches between the boulders are a good place to find Khul’s Stingrays and Leopard Sharks (please do not get too close to these sharks as you will spook them and the rest of your group will miss out).

Normally, current permitting you will head north west along the ridge climbing to about 12 meters where there is a plateau with a number of rocks and coral bommies.

Both Napoleon Wrasse and Hump Head Parrot Fish can be seen here, also keep an eye out for a Banded Sea Krait or a Hawksbill Turtle. As you pass the last of the surfacing peaks the top of the rock is at about 12 meters, sit here for a few minutes watching the shoals of fish, marauding group of parrot fish ripping into the coral and fusiliers and snappers hiding from the current, look out also for Tuna coming in for a feed.Now you turn back but cross to the North side of the ridge stay at between 12 and 18 meters, here there are a number of Channels and swim through’s often full of fish hiding from current sand predators.