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Donald Duck Bay – Similan Dive Site

Donald Duck Bay - Dive Similan with Colona Liveaboards Thailand
Donald Duck Bay

Dive Similan at Donal Duck Bay, located on the northern side of Similan Islands #8 is named after the highest boulder on the ridge making the east side of the bay which looks, from the right angle like a shoe. The English named is derived from a large boulder just below which when viewed from side on looks just like a cartoon duck’s head (though whether it’s Donald or Daffy is always a talking point).

This bay is a common site for night dives in the Similan Islands as it gives a safe anchorage for sleeping and gives access to the beach. Just behind the beach is a tent village for tourists as well as a restaurant and National Parks office. There is a hiking trail leading up to a viewpoint underneath the ‘shoe’ rock.

The dive site itself is fairly shallow (7 – 15 meters). The prime area of interest is the rocky ridge coming off the island forming a barrier on the north side of the bay. These rocks are home to Painted Spiny Lobster, Slipper Lobster, Sponge Cutter Crabs and Decorator Crabs as well as the more common Big Red Crab and various species of cleaner shrimp. It’s quite common to see a Giant Moray out hunting – they may even follow you to use your light. The sandy area can offer up surprises – hermit crabs, flounder and even Khul’s Stingrays.