Chalong Pier – Phuket Island

Chalong Pier, Phuket Island – Thailand.

Most liveaboard cruises by MV Giamani depart from Chalong Pier, which is in the south of Phuket Island.

The Green marker in our Map below marks the “Meeting point” for MV Giamani.

The pier has a big parking lot, where you can park your car when joining MV Giamani or one of our day diving activities.

Accommodation in Chalong

Most popular choices for our Guests are the little Boutique Hotel “Pier 42” which is next to the pier, so very easy to get from hotel to Giamani and back. For all that prefer bigger hotels and more comfort the Ao Chalong Villa Resort or Chalong Chalet are a good places to stay.

Dining Out

Close to the pier are several restaurants. You find all from street food vendors, to local restaurants, Sea Food Restaurants and you will find plenty of Western food around if needed.


Little markets, 7/11 and Family mart are just a few meters away.