MV Giamani Log Book

25 – 31 Jan 2013 – 6 Day Andaman Safari

MV Giamani Trip Log: 25 Jan 2013 – 31 January 2013.

Port of departure: Phuket Island.

Weather Conditions: Windy morning with calm afternoons.

The sea was a little rough on the trip south towards Hin Deang / Hin Muang, but the weather improved as the trip went on, throughout the trip we had windy morning with calm afternoons.

The visibility was very good in Phi Phi Island, having been quite poor the last couple of weeks.
In the Similan Islands, particularly good dives at Elephant Head Rock and Koh Tachai Pinnacle.

MV Giamani Log Book

11 – 17 Jan 2013 – 6 day Andaman Safari

MV Giamani Trip Log: 11 Jan 2013 – 17 January 2013

Port of departure: Phuket Island

Weather Conditions: Calm Seas & No wind

Another trip on board our MV Giamani with no wind and calm seas.  We had some special guests at Hin Deang as we were joined by 5 Manta Rays.
Low visibility at Phi Phi Island, but yet again Similan Islands had very good visibility and calm conditions.


“4 days of diving like this are really an ideal break from civilisation.  Fishes everywhere, by hundreds, Lion, Nudibranchs, puffer fishes.What a pleasure to be helped by this careful crew before and after diving.
A word on the cook – “please can you come back home with us” – you should offer cooking lessons on board!” –  Valerie (France)

“A good choice of boat… right size! … Terrific crew and diving experience.
Every member of the crew made everything easy.”  – Peter & Christine

“The crew were terrific and the diving was fantastic” – Joy

MV Giamani Log Book

New Year Safari – 30 dec – 5 Jan 2013

MV Giamani Trip Log: 30 Dec 2012 – 5 January 2013.

Port of departure: Phuket Island.

Weather Conditions: Mixed.

Strange weather on this trip, every day was half rain and wind and half blazing sunshine and calm seas and the order they came in alternated daily. Being just after full moon we had some strong currents on this trip. The ribbon eel was back at West of Eden and we had our first sighting of Hump Head Parrot fish at torinla Ridge in the Surin Islands. As ever the wreck dives were full of macro life, nudibranchs, cleaner shrimp and hermit crabs.

The old year ended a few hours early on MV Giamani with Fire works and fizzy wine allowing everyone the chance to get some rest before another great day of diving.

Guest Comments:

“To the fabulous crew – we would like to thank you for the incredible care and service on the boat. You all pampered us and now we have a high expectation for the next dive trip. We will never forget New Years Eve 2013” – Marlene & Peter

“I had a great time during this trip. The crew took an amazing care of us in every details of the dive preparation and ending. The dive masters were very professional and knowledgable. The cuisine was great such that I probably gained a few kilos.” – Christelle

“Fantastic Crew – Thai people are absolutely wonderful, kind and helpful people. Richelieu rock was beautiful. The divemasters were great – relaxed, helpful and outgoing. Thanks for everything I had a lovely time” – Bob S

“Thanks all for a really great time. The entire crew was really kind and efficacious. From the staff taking care of us getting ready for diving, to the very nice hostess, to the amazing cook ( I’ve never had such good food on any boat yet.) The divemaster team completed it and made everything work smoothly in a very relaxed and great atmosphere. – see you next time” – Nathalie Y

MV Giamani Log Book

Christmas Trip 2012 – Similan & Surin Islands

MV Giamani Trip Log: 23-29 December 2012

Port of departure: Phuket Island

Weather Conditions: Sunshine and flat seas

The trip started with a report of a looming storm and strong winds, this seemed to be the case with rocky conditions in Chalong Bay. However, as we set off the sea calmed down and we woke to sunshine and flat seas in Similan. The good weather continued for the whole trip, blotted only by a couple of evening rain showers.

Underwater the conditions were also good with very good visibility and mild currents. On Koh Tachai we were joined by Manta rays and at Richelieu Rock we found Seahorse, Pineapple Fish and a Ribbon Eel as well as the habitual schools of Barracuda and Trevally.

Guest Comments:

“Thanks for a fabulous week of diving over Christmas 2012. Loved everything about the trip – great food, great company, plenty of great diving. Now to bring the Dive, Eat, Sleep, Repeat mentality home with me.” – KA

“We’ll look back on Christmas 2012 with great memories of the trip, some fantastic diving, great company and an amazing crew” – Stuart & Eila