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Banana Bay – Raya Noi Island

Lion Fish at Banana Bay - Raya Noi Island - Diving in Phuket Thailand
Lion Fish at Raya Noi Island

Raya Noi Island – One of the dive sites here at Racha Noi is called Banana Bay, it has great all year round visibility with never less than 20 meters. The very gentle sloping reefs make it an easy dive site for everyone, from beginner to experience divers alike. Banana Bay, sits half way down the Island on the east.

The area is covered in Stag horn Coral reef and several large boulders, the site slopes down into sand and disappears off into the blue. On the edges of this site 50/60 meters depth is possible, so it is also great for Technical Dive Training too.
There are loads fish including, Yellow Snapper and Fusiliers, Common and Spot Fin Lion Fish, Large variety of Moray Eels. Loads of species of Wrasse and Parrot Fish, Trumpet fish follow Groupers in order to conceal their hunting activities.

A very special part of this dive: it is possible to spot Garden Eels, these little creatures are by no means seen on every dive site. They bury themselves in the sand. They are usually seen within groups and these groups can be as small as just a few to a complete area covered in them, hence the name. They sit with their little heads swaying in the current waiting for small crustaceans and zoo plankton to pass them by and gobble up.

The Garden Eels are very timid creatures, but they are approachable, the diver must keep very low to the sand and keeping bubbles to a minimum, in order to get close to them. If disturbed they will just disappear down into the sand and not come out again till all the clear; they are the equivalent to an underwater Meerkat.

Raya Noi Island has another great dive site called “South Point“, located on southern Tip of the Island.

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